Above: Loulou & Maaike’s creative commission’s and their inspirational images from the archive.

Ulm School of Design’s Inspiration Archive
- It’s Nice That X Dropbox

We curated a never-before-seen digital archive, digging deep into The Ulm School of Design’s many masterpieces and explored why it became an industry-defining period of design history. The archive lives on Dropbox with 1000+ files and is curated by category which makes for intuitive browsing, regardless of your prior knowledge of the school.

Two artists were briefed to create a new artwork inspired by the Ulm’s digital ‘Inspiration Archive - reimagining the school in the present day. Loulou Joao’s places one of her signature characters on campus, taking in an exhibition featuring some of the school’s iconic past works and questioning how they can inform her role as a designer for the future. And Maaike Canne’s abstract graphic painting depicts a futuristic city where scale is distorted and objects can function as buildings or vehicles, shining a light on the modernist minimalism pioneered by Ulm students.

Article 1 - About the archive & interview with Ulm’s curator Article 2 - Creative Commissions

My role - Creative lead & art direction at It’s Nice That

Additional credits:  
Animations - Africa Pombo
Writer - Jyni Ong
Project Manager - Sophie Davies

Above: The archive can be viewed by category, eg: colour, material, size, theme, shape.

Loulou’s final artwork, inspiration and process:

Maaike’s final artwork, inspiration and process: