Tom Biddulph and I created this light installation for the ninth edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival. Our artwork titled ‘HEART/EARTH’ is a response to the theme ‘When nature calls’. 

Mother Nature is calling to us, crying out in pain, anger and disappointment at what we are doing to Earth. For decades, it was the scientists that tried to get us to listen to what our planet was telling us, with its changing temperatures and shifting climates. Now Mother Nature’s voice has grown stronger and people all over the world are feeling the effects of man-made climate change. The images of human and animal lives destroye by floods, wildfires and earthquakes are heartbreaking and impossible to ignore. Climate change might be the toughest challenge humanity has ever faced, but it is not the time to cover our ears - we need to do what is right. We need to listen to our heart, and listen to our Earth.

Producer & Constructor - Jeroen Henstra  Curation - Roos Hollander, Lucas de Man & Bastiaan Schoof  And special thanks to Universiteit van Amsterdam