Hero film

Teaser visual

Bugaboo Fox 5 - The Beauty of the Bump

The pregnant belly is perfectly engineered by nature; it’s warm, safe, and ultra-comfortable – just like the Bugaboo Fox 5. Of course, nothing can compete with nature and the growth of a beautiful human body, so the stroller is positioned not as an upgrade to carrying a baby inside a bump, but as ‘the next best way to carry your baby.’

This global campaign allows the brand to pay homage to the amazing human body and the incredible process of pregnancy. It is a self-effacing and unexpected brand stance that expectant mothers can get behind – making them feel understood and celebrated.

A hero film, technical product cut downs and lifestyle photography were created for this project,

My role - Art direction at HALAL Studios

Additional credits:
Creative direction - Pascal Duval
Copy writing - Alex Rigby
Art direction - Noemi Tombeur and I 
Account & production - Manon Patty & Caroline Hagoort

Production company - HALAL

Product Cutdowns
(Comfort & suspension, maneuverability and one hand control)

Lifestyle stills