Flowers Arranged

This project was the result of a six weeks artists residency at Casa Lü, Mexico City. My photographs and sculptures were part of the exhibition INSTABLE, April 2023. 

Flower arranging traditionally follows the seven principles of floral design - proportion, scale, balance, focal point, rhythm, harmony and unity. My series scraps those traditional principles and instead focuses on organising the flowers by using freestanding framework structures. By arranging flowers in an unconventional way without fancy vases or specialist equipment, I am putting the beauty of nature on a pedestal - nothing is competing with their natural design.

I hope that Flowers Arranged challenges the viewer’s perception of conventional, decorative beauty both within the floral and wider world. It is up to the viewer to decide if they want personify these sculptures or not. But if they do choose to personify them, I have successfully breathed a final breath of life into something that is dying - my humble way of saying thank you to the flowers for being so beautiful.

The living sculptures were installed in the garden of INSTABLE.

Prints of the sculptures at INSTABLE