Whispers is a sequential art game, made up of a chain of 50 contributing artists, creating 50 interlinked original artworks.The game began in 2017 and the full exhibition can be viewed at whispersgame.com

My role - Concept, curation & creative direction
Website - Ben West

Surface Tension

A journalist passes through a flooded city by boat, reporting on the devastating effects of a major flood – it’s an image that you'll most likely recognise from the news. Trees, electricity poles and roofs stick out above the surface while cars and personal belongings float along along and the city’s residents have (hopefully) fled. It’s an intense, disruptive kind of disaster that's becoming more and more common.

For the 8th Edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival, Tom Biddulph and I created the artwork ‘Surface Tension’ in response to the theme Disrupt. Transorming a part of Amsterdam’s famous canal into a drowned city street; a warning to viewers about global rising water levels and devastating flooding around the world.

Producers - Bob van der Klaauw & Jeroen Henstra
3D design - Ivano Salonia
Construction - Daan ‘t Sas

Images sourced via #amsterdamlightfestival

BFR MAG: The Colour Issue

Issue 26 of BFR Mag is dedicated to all things colour related. 44 pages of technicolour goodness.

Includingg contributions from Gus Scott, Dad Agency, Adam Bletchly, Harry Grundy and Cecilia McCormick - to name a few.

Featured on It’s Nice That and Stack Magazines.

My role - Creative Director, graphic design and editor

Night Vision

“The medium is the message” coined by Marshall McLuhan was the theme for the 7th Edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival.  Together with Tom Biddulph we created our light sculpture ‘Night Vision’.

Over millions of years our eyes have become incredibly specialised instruments; a window through which light is converted into information, allowing us to ‘see’ anything and everything before us. As boats pass through Night Vision, it as is if they themselves are a beam of light entering the eye through the pupil.

Constructed by Invent Design

Images sourced via #amsterdamlightfestival

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My role - art direction at Cloudfactory

Additional credits:
Creative directors - Jessica Kersten & Sandrine Huijen
Copywriter - Mariusz Wysocki
Directors - Jan Boon & Lennart Verstegen
Editor - Benjamin Putland
Production company: Wefilm

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