Website kick off film, explaining the campaign + the interactive experience.

Heineken - Go Places 
An e-commerce manager has to step in for Santa. A brand exec discovers she’s got 2 weeks to learn a language from scratch. An IT technician goes full on CSI. A marketing manager accidentally turns back time…

What sounds like an ambitious Hollywood pitch is, in fact, the second instalment of Go Places, HEINEKEN’s global recruitment campaign. It shines a light on career-changing days of 33 real employees, while giving the future talent a glimpse into the company’s green-blooded culture & what it takes to actually Go Places with HEINEKEN.

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My role - Director & art direction at Cloudfactory

Additional credits:
Creative directors - Jessica Kersten & Sandrine Huijen
Copywriter - Mariusz Wysocki
Production Design - Jord Beets, Natasa Lop & Bo van Veen
Director - Barbara Ryan & Mariusz Wysocki
DOP: Hayo van Gemert
Editor - Benjamin Putland