Drawings from September ‘19 workshop


EVERY BODY is a community which openly discusses themes relating to the body.

We all have a body and our unique experiences are valuable for others to learn from. EVERY BODY aims to tell, document and celebrate the stories of different bodies.

Through events, workshops and talks in Amsterdam we hope to grow a community and help others to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

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October 2019

Throughout history physical beauty has an ever changing definition. Each era has an ‘ideal’ body, which says a lot about what that particular society valued, dreamed and feared. Today we are bombarded with thousands of images of bodies, telling us that looking a certain way will make us happier or more successful.

We hosted an drawing tour through the Rijksmuseum’s collection, to see if by looking through history we can see these ideals are attainable and how they have shifted over time, in contrast to modern day.

Also the tour can be done on Instagram via #EveryBodyThroughTime

Drawings from EVERY BODY through time

Some posts from ‘EVERY BODY through time’ Instagram tour

EVERY BODY is different, group drawing
September 2019

For our second event we held another group drawing session. Part life drawing class, part body group therapy. Over the course of the afternoon all the attendees took it in turns to pose and talk about their body and engaging in discussion. One of the recurring themes that came up from the session was about weight loss/gain and mood.

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Drawings from September ‘19 workshop

EVERY BODY is different, group drawing
March 2019

For our first ever event, we decided to explore differences. We live in a world where people feel pressure to look a certain way and unattainable beauty ideals are constantly being shoved in our faces. Who said that big noses, small boobs, dark skin and pretty much anything that doesn’t fall under conventional beauty standards aren’t beautiful?

Why a drawing session? Drawing is a form of documentary. The best thing about drawing is it allows us to show others how we see things or draw beyond what is seen. The act of drawing is equally about observing as it is about mark making. In this session we aimed create some fun drawings which celebrate our uniqueness. As well as exploring the group’s unique characteristics, quirks and differences which make us who we are.

Below are some films of the evening.

Drawings from March ‘19 workshop